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Agent for Geka welding consumable and handling of AZZ weilding products

We would be very much pleased to introduce ourselves as the leaders Repair and Maintenance welding consumable and welding equipment as well as welding machines in the Sri Lanka.

We are the agent for world renowned GeKa welding products, Welding equipment and accessories from turkey (Eastern Europe) and Agent for Shanghai hugong machinery.

Our high quality welding products and accessories are mainly used for repairing and maintenance of components at various Industries and organization in the Sri Lanka.

We could recommend these high quality products (depending on the type of application) in your industry and are grated to support Engineering Services with efficient and effective and all the time.

  • Welding Electrodes
  • Welding Wires
  • Flux Cored Wires
  • Brazing Products
  • Repair Products

  MIG Welding

NB-350K Series

• Slow wire feeding, high successful rate of arc induction, rapid melting eliminated.
• Unified adjustment function. Welding parameters can be automatically matched according to the current change; easy operation for the beginners.
• Automatic compensation function and excellently adjust to the fluctuation of the power supply.
• Crater fill at the end of weld, eliminating the limitation of welding techniques.
• Stable welding can be assured while output cable is extended to 50m.
• Static plastic-sprayed surface, glabrous, hard, anti-corrosive and non-stripping coating.
• Acid washing & bonderizing and static plastic-sprayed surface, glabrous, hard, anti-corrosive and non-striping coating.



• CO2

• Flux Cored(FCAW)

Technical Data
Model NB-350K
Input power (V) 380 or 400
Rated input capacity (KVA) 16.5
Output open circuit voltage (v) 48
Welding current adjustment range (A) 50 - 370
Duty cycle at 35% welding current (A) -
        at 60% welding current (A) 350
        at 80% welding current (A) 303
        at 100% welding current (A) 271
Applicable welding wire diameter (mm) Φ 0.8 - Φ 1.2
Weight (Kg) 150
External dimension: L×W×H (mm) 725 × 460 × 790